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I've travelled for almost one year using the Holux241 for tracking my path. Now I a have several *.bin files and I'd like to depict the entire track on one map. 

Is it possible to load several *.bin files into the bt747 software and to display the entire track from all the *.bin files on the map?

Thanks for any response.

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Yep. Just drag and drop all


Just drag and drop all the files to BT747 and convert.

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Ok that's what I tried. After

Ok that's what I tried. After dropping the files they show up in the Files to Tag tab. But if I press any button to convert the files after some time the following warning appears:

No output file created ... try it without any filters.

I tried without filters but it didn't help.

I'm using the german version V2.X.1822 on a PowerBook G4.

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After doing a first

After doing a first conversion - did the files get the time frame associated with them?

On the filter tab - tick all the boxes on the trackpoints.

+ I am just thinking that this may have something to do with the fact that you have a Holux device and that this setting is not propagated well (was a bug in the past - I am not sure I fixed it).

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I made a change in 2.X.1823

I made a change in 2.X.1823 to propagate the log type to use for conversion.

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Prefect, it seems to work.

Prefect, it seems to work. Although there is a minor bug:

The end and starting point are connected, i.e. a line over the map between end and starting point. In my case this is fine, since I have a loop with the same starting and end point.

Furthermore I found out that a *.kml file for google earth (V5.2) can contain a maximum of 65526 data entries. Using more coordinates leads to an invisible track. Although you can scan the track with the height diagram. 

Thanks for your help.

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Very good - a problem solved

Very good - a problem solved ;-)

The line over the map is a bit strange though.  In which output format is this?

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The line appears after the

The line appears after the conversion in GUI.

I've just had a closer look to the converted data. There are some strange things.

1. In the tab Data for Tagging the log-starting time is not correct for all *.bin files. The third and fourth have the 7th Jan 1970 as starting points (sorry but I wasn't on earth then ). See attached file. The *.bin files are in order as they were logged, i.e. date sorted. The reason why the first *.bin file is missing, it is loaded in the Log Operation tab. 

2. In the Track tab the first entry is not the first entry I expected. It starts with a date months away from the data of the starting of logging (=start of travelling).

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Hi Thanks for the feedback.


Thanks for the feedback.  Here are some explications:

  1. It is likely correct in that your bin file can contain positions with that date.  In practice it is an invalid position where no GPS signal was available.
    => I guess I should keep these special cases out of the scope for determinining the date ragnge.
  2. Could also be some false data or old data or it could be due to the invalid start dates - BT747 orders the files itself - independent of what order they appear in.

If you want you can send me the bin files at my email address (see 'about in the app'), I can have a look.  It is easier to work with the actual data.

hi Felberr please can you

hi Felberr

please can you up-load the *.bin files and please write the sampling frequincy and intermidate frequincy

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Hi Ali  please let me know

Hi Ali 

please let me know your email, that I can send the files. Actually I sent them to mdeweerd long time ago, but I didn't get any answer. Although I  must say, the conversion into one file works fine (after downloading the b474 suggested above). The only problem still existing is that with the strange dates. But I guess mdeweerd gave already the answer. 


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Hi Felberr I am surprised

Hi Felberr

I am surprised that I did not give an anwser - I'll check out my mail.


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Hi I found back the mail and


I found back the mail and apparently it slipped through - I'll check it out but if I do forget things (or they are skipped for some reason), do not hesitate to remind me.



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Hi Mario thx for your answer.

Hi Mario

thx for your answer. have you found out anything? I tried again, but the strange lines through entire europe still exist. What I found, that there must be a bug in the bin files Buesli_4_log.bin, Buesli_4a_log.bin, and Buesli_5_log.bin. Curiously I cannot open the bin files. I tried with Stuffit Expander, but no file was created. Is that normal?

If I convert a gpx file and open it in a text editor, I don't find any entry with the date 1970. Furthermore, in the tab "Track" there are in the first column the numbering starts with 1 but after 92788 entries it starts again with 1. Maybe this is the problem with the line. Definitely, these to entries are the  those were one of the line is attached to.

Hope, my findings help to solve the problem.


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Hi I improved BT747 in two


I improved BT747 in two ways:

- Does not take into account dates before the year 2000 for the multilog conversion;

- Does not use the log on the main page two times;

- Does not use the log on the main page if it does not exist (this allows you to enter an non-existing file there to just use the files in the file list.

Available as version 2.X.1916 .