nubee: usb mouse GPS not logging

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My GlobalSat model BU-353 non-logging usb mouse GPS  displays and updates:

the latitude, logitude , time, and geoid fields in the 'Gps Device Data' box

in the ' Log operations ' tab of BT747 ver 2.x.1619

In the 'Map' tab I can see a 'home' icon moving, wondering in a map, about my present coodinades.

My BT747 log file looks like this:


<snip> 2253 - Initial: 853x496  Screen: 1280x800 Final: 928x512
2258 - Windows XP
2261 - x86
2261 - 5.1
2261 - 1.6.0_23

<snip> 8415 - Attempting saving settings to C:\Users\erom\BT747SettingsJ2SE.pdb
8415 - Writing settings success for C:\Users\erom\BT747SettingsJ2SE.pd8415


Nothing else gets written to the log file.

The desired  BT747log.bin  file never gets written    :(

As suggested in another post, I have checked the indicated boxes in the 'Filters'  tab.

I belive I have granted BT747 all necessary Win 7 permissions

I have tried many BT747options combinations,  at random...  no luck

1- Any hints on how to get a text data file written to disk,

format: one latitude,  longitude, and time record per line, will be greatly appreciated.

2- can it be done , or am i missing something altogether ?

Thank you very for developing the interestng GPS progam BT747



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Hi "As is", BT747 is not a


"As is", BT747 is not a logging application - it serves to get data from logger devices.

You could use BT747 to setup a myLieu server to log history.

For more instructions: .