I'm new to Java and I'm trying to find what the minimal components for executing  While I can import the build.xml into eclipse I'm finding it difficult to know which components can be deleted.   Am I missing a simple option or method for importing the zip src file to get just what is needed?



mdeweerd's picture obviously obviously neeeds to be compiled into an object which relies on most of BT747's code and some external libraries.

The build process always relies on source files in 'src' and depending on the target platform also on source files in the 'src_*' paths.

BT747cmd provides access to the command line interface but also launches the GUI if there is no command line option.  So strictly speaking it relies on full J2SE dependencies.  When using just the command line options, the external llibraries 'jopt-simple' and 'rxtx' can be sufficient.  The external tool 'proguard' may be used in the build progress (according to the build settings).

The objective of the ZIP file or the setup is not to provide the minimal requirements for this or that target, but to provide the executeable setup and the source files and scripts to build it.