Blumax GPS-4043 & Snow Leopard

I am unable to connect my Blumax GPS-4043 under Mac OS 10.6.8 with either the Bluetooth or USB. Any thoughts on how to proceed?


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I think for USB you need to

I think for USB you need to install the CP2102 driver from silicon labs.


There is one other entry in the forums: 

However, the bluetooth port should be found (after pairing) unless its name is different on your machine.

Thank you. Unfortunatley the

Thank you. Unfortunatley the new driver did not seem to do anything. I still cannot connect via either USB or Bluetooth. Something else: I tried to "populate serial port menu" but this did not do anything either.

I find this very odd as everything worked under 10.5 (Tiger) but not now.

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Check if the port gets added

Check if the port gets added under '/dev' when you plug in or pair the device.

What BT747 version are you using?