AGPS data could not be fetched from URL

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Hello I have iBlue 747 A+. Today I wanted to send data to it. but I get this message: june still works

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Apparently the site is

Apparently the site is unavailable.

When I go to the Transystem web site, Norton reports an attack attempt.

-> I think their server has been (and still is) under attack with some services impacted.


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Hi The Transystem AGPS server


The Transystem AGPS server is now fixed - I had notified Transystem and I got a confirmation this morning that it was down due to an issue and it's running again.

Kind regards


Hello Mario, I use your app

Hello Mario,

I use your app both with PC and Nokia5530.

On the Nokia I can do everything with my i-blue747A+ but uploading AGPS data: I've copied access data  for transystem ftp site (from bt747 PC application) to the MTK Logger Control (version 0.3.78) but all I get is this timeout message:

SimpleFTP received an unknown response after sending the user: 421 timeout

I've checked connecting manually to the FTP server and the connection data are OK, I can see the MTK7d.EPO file.

What can be wrong?

Many thanks

Alessandro Ale_Zena_IT

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Hi 1) As far as I remember,


1) As far as I remember, the credentials are included (but hidding) in the J2ME version.  When you enter your credentials, you override the hidden settings.  You can restore the default hidden settings by entering a url shorter than 5 characters.

The url looks like:


or where 'scheme' is 'ftp' in the normal case, but you can set any other URL recognised by your device (file for instance).  'ftp' is handled by code embedded in the J2ME solution.

Drop a note to indicate if reverting to the default setup works, if not, I'll have to setup a test on my end.




Parameters, what parameters?

anyway, I've resetted the field inserting 3 characters but no way, the progress bar 'AGPS Upload Progress' is still empty.

Alessandro Ale_Zena_IT

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'parameters' in this url

'parameters' in this url corresponds to special parameters that are related to the URL - I've only seen them in bluetooth connection urls for the moment.

Fetching the data on PC works.  Maybe you have some access right issue (no access to the internet for the java application)?

I can access to the internet

I can access to the internet with another Java Application (GpsMid).