Which initial view do you prefer for HTML output?

Plan (Google Map)
29% (88 votes)
Satellite (current default)
8% (23 votes)
Mixte (Google Map Plan + Satellite)
19% (56 votes)
4% (13 votes)
OpenStreetMap (OSM)
33% (98 votes)
1% (3 votes)
1% (4 votes)
I do not use HTML output
5% (14 votes)
Total votes: 299


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Change as of 1.66.1

Following this poll, as of 1.66.1, the Google Map Plan will be the initial map.

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English names

For clarity:
'Plan' is 'Map'
'Relief' is 'Terrain' and
'Mixte' is 'Hybrid'
en anglais.

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OSM is now the winner...

While Gmaps had a slight advantage over OSM back in 2008, OpenStreetMap is now well ahead.
It looks like I'll need to change the default to OSM.

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I like OSM more, but I am in

I like OSM more, but I am in dubio about the 'default':
- I feel little remorse for Google's bandwith, while OSM's traffic with people only loading one view then switching to Google is much harder.
- reversely, when Google Maps is hit, you give up some information to Google involuntarily. The implications of this however are probably minute.