MacOS 10.9 Mavericks, how to install?

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I'm running Mavericks on my MacBook pro (with Java 7 runtime environment).

Where do I find the steps I have to follow, to install BT747? I want to access my Holux 1000C.

Here is what I tried and what did not work :-(

  1. go to Download and install Java 7 (Update 51)
  2. Open (use spotlight to find it)
  3. Type sudo mkdir /var/lock and press enter. You will be asked for your password (the one you need to boot up your Mac). Type your password and press enter. Type sudo chmod 777 /var/lock and press enter. Close the
  4. Go to and klick at Download (9.7 MB) 
  5. In your download folder you will find a folder BT747_2. Move the entire folder to your program folder.
  6. Go to BT747_2 in your program folder, hold the ctrl-key, klick on bt747_macosX_j2se.command and choose open.
  7. You will be prompted, that this file is not from the Mac App Store. Klick on open.

This is where I get stuck, because I get the message, that I do not have sufficient rights. What did I do wrong so far?



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Hi Maybe the file has to be


Maybe the file has to be made executeable (chmod +x bt747_macosX_j2se.command)  on the command line.

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Thanks a lot! That

Thanks a lot! That helped!


Hi, I just bought  mc book

Hi, I just bought  mc book air but the bt 747 software didn't find my 747a+ recorder! what can I do?



I am also stuck with

I am also stuck with non-sufficient rights and the CHMOD +X did not work.

Logged in as admin, I got the message "No such file or directory".

I am not too familiar with the terminal level so any support in this case is highly appreciated.


What do I need to do?


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Hi If the file exists and you


If the file exists and you are root, this should work.  Check that you did not make a typing mistake.

Do note that the commands are casesensitive .  "CHMOD +X ..." does not work, all in lowercase does.