Connection on Os X Snow Leopard

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Hi,im trying to connect to my Transystem 747A+ under Os x. I installed the USB Driver an can receive data in the console window with "cat /dev/cu.iBTAGPS-SPPslave".The BT747 Software (Version 2.0.3) does not show the above mentioned port in the port list.If i try to connect with "USB" it wil not connect. When typing die comport manualy it will also  not connect.See log here:  The software prints: trying to connect but nothing else happens. No connection an no error....Any hints?THXuenz

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 /dev/cu.iBTAGPS-SPPslave is

 /dev/cu.iBTAGPS-SPPslave is not the USB port, but the bluetooth port.

Your problem may be related to the fact that you use 64 bit java - the driver does not seem to be working perfectly in all cases.

You could install the 32 bit version of java.