BT747 and Google Maps

It looks like the terms for the use of Google Maps changed .
There is however still the requirement to use the Google APIs.

I am still puzzled whether the use of the static map API is allowed, since there is still a restriction. If that is not possible, this means that the other - more OS dependent - method of using a 'browser' must be used.

Anybody who can find a clear anwser to whether or not the use of the static API is allowed, do not hesitate to provide a clear reference in a comment on this post.


not for de v3

You don't need a key to use Google Maps API v3. I Hope you allows us to use Google Maps Tiles besides OpenStreetMap... In my country there is not too much data from OSM...

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Still requires API usage

Thank you for the information.

While this resolves the 'key issue', it does still require the use of the API and hence javascript and an embedded browser....

Still on my list though.

implemented in geosetter

it is implemented in geosetter ( so maybe Friedemann Schmidt (author) can help a little bit.

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Thanks for the heads up. It

Thanks for the heads up. It is also implemented in other programs and it is not impossible to do some integration, but Geosetter is for Windows machines only, while BT747 is a Java program for different platforms. Using the Google API to get the maps is not exactly the same as getting the tiles directly. It impacts performance (no caching is possible) and drawing on the map is then best done using 'Google's' API which is another interface. Using the Google API requires the use of 'a browser' which in Java requires 'native code'. Browser integration in Java is not entirely stable yet. I've found another solution recently on which I made some trials which did not prove the expected flexibility.