Experience on Window Mobile (especially HTC)

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It looks like installing installing BT747 on a Mobile Phone using Windows Mobile is not always an easy thing to do.
The latest problem was reported here : https://sourceforge.net/forum/message.php?msg_id=7396378 .

I've seen both success reports and problem reports that were later solved, but it is not clear what the root cause of the problems were, so if you have experience (good and bad) regarding installing BT747 on your Windows Mobile platform, please leave a note here.

As far as I understand it, Windows Mobile allows you to define the hardware port of a GPS device and share it amongst multiple applications by defining virtual ports to it.

I guess that once the port is shared, the application can no longer connect to the hardware port. I also think that port 0 is to be avoided.
In case the port is shared, I am not sure how that works and if this sharing is bidirectional. I guess that the default implemention in Windows Mobile is not doing a good job because at least one user got it to work with GPSGate and not with the standard implementation.

So please share.

tried to install on Windows

tried to install on Windows Mobile 6.5 (HTC TD2). superwaba.WindowsMobile.CAB sucessfully installen, BT747 also. But when I try to run the program following error appears:

004325 An error was found in the program being
run by the SuperWaba VM.

Error: Can't find method c

Please notify the program's author.
See debug console for details
(a txt in the program's folder)

004399 ======= End =======

any suggestion?

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Hi Which version of BT747


Which version of BT747 does this happen in?

Could you try BT747_1.68.30 ?


Hi Mario, In fact I was

Hi Mario,

In fact I was trying the latest version 1.68.32 ... I tried the build 30 as you suggest and ... WOW, IT WORKS NOW!!!

So far I was able to connect to my Qstarz BT-Q1000P over bluetooth, read the parameters from the device and to erase the memory. So far so good. I will immediately start to play with it and I will test all the functionality ... it was some time that I wanted to have your software on my device but only now I own a phone with Windows Mobile.

The only thing that I noticed is that the screen is not perfectly arranged but still fully readable ...

Thank you for your very prompt reply and a great piece of software and of course ... HAPPY NEW YEAR!! J


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Hi The green border is


The green border is because of SuperWaba indicating that you do not have a touchscreen, but you can change that by  changing the state of 'Focus highlight'.

Other than that, the GUI was built for a square screen and some stuff gets built up from the bottom.

Something surely went wrong in the 1.68.32 build and I'll check it out.  It runs fine on the PC, so I'll have to check the emulator.

Thanks for the feedback and happy new year to you too ;-).

And now also the green border

And now also the green border disappeared. It is strange that SuperWaba indicates that I do not have a toucscreen since my HTC is almost only touchscreen (there are only four buttons + vol + power) ... but is also true that my screen is not square.

Anyhow before was perfect ... now is superb :)

Thanks again.

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Hi The issue you mention


The issue you mention can't occur in 1.68.32.  I tried 1.68.32 in the emulator and it starts up fine.  'notifyAll' isn't used anywhere in that code.

However, the issue could be reproduced in the 2.X version so I fix it there.  There is no real benefit in using the PDA version that is in 2.X, so you can use 1.68.30 - a few devices will have the memory size interpreted correctly (new Flash ID), but that should not really be important (fall back solutions) - 1.68.32 is a bit better on that.

Hi, You are right, the issue


You are right, the issue occurs in BT747_2.X.1632_full and not in BT747_1.68.32_full. I downloaded many versions and wrongly identified which one I have installed. I confirm that 1.68.32 is working well. Sorry for the wrong information.

Just another small remark regarding my experience on HTC with WM 6.5 ... It is not possible to enter the text and numbers in the BT747 text fields using the virtual keyboard (which is the usual way on this device because there is no physical keyboard on the phone). The only way I found to change the value in the fields is to use the handwriting tool, fortunately available on HTC support as an update to the latest ROM for the HTC Touch Diamond 2 - available only since 2009-12-17. This issue is a little discomfortable but I can live with it since I will not change the settings very often.

It is my opinion that this issue is related to SuperWaba. As I understand, SuperWaba has stopped with the development and the latest version is 5.85. Is this correct?

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Good, then the version number

Good, then the version number is confirmed.

In the emulator, the virtual keyboard works - are you sure that you clicked in the field before typing?

For the paths, you can click on the small '+' token and get a list from which you can choose.

You are right that this is related to SuperWaba.  There is a virtual keyboard in SuperWaba too, but I did not really push it to get that set up correctly.  The followup of SuperWaba is TotalCross, but that requires a license per installation of the Virtual Machine so I did not move to that.

Version number confirmed,

Version number confirmed, sorry once again for that.

100% sure that I clicked in the field. Once I click in the field, the virtual keyboard pops up but only the arrow keys and the backspace is working, alphanumeric and numeric buttons have no effect also if I click in the field once again after the keyboard pops up.  In booth case I am able to see the cursor blinking in the field. The same is happening on all three variants of HTC keyboard: phone keypad, compact qwerty and full qwerty. But handwriting tool fortunately exists and works.

Thank you again for all your time and effort .... and for this great application.