Crash when connecting - suggestion

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I had a report recently about BT747 crashing when trying to make a connection on a Intel Core 2 Duo running "Debian GNU/Linux unstable (sid), package 6b14-1.5~pre1-3".

BT747 1.68.5 was using RxTx 2.1.7 - the currently stable version of RxTx and the crash reported:
# Problematic frame:
# C [] read_byte_array+0x52

I first thought that BT747's startup script did not select the right native library, but from the logs this looked consistent. Even though it is an Intel core, it was correctly designated as an amd64 system - I was told that intel aligned on AMD this time.
Several trials further using previous versions of Java and BT747 still did not give a working result on the system where BT747 had worked properly before.

I then looked at the site of 'RxTx' because a new version was in development. Not so long ago there was no binary distribution for it, but now it is available as a pre-release:

I suggested to try the pre-release. This basically involves extracting the download and adjusting the startup script slightly. The pre-release seems to have support for Windows 64 bit too.
What is important is that our expert user in trouble did get working BT747 again when using this pre-release of RxTx (rxtx 2.2pre2).

As it is a prelease, I am not using it for the standard distribution, but if you are in trouble, you might consider trying it. I might make it available through webstart in the upcoming days to save you from the configuration trouble in case you want to try the RxTx pre-release.

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Currently only tested on

Currently only tested on Windows 32 bit: Should work with/could be made to work with: MacOSX [confirmed] Windows 64 bit [confirmed] Linux x86_64 [confirmed] Linux i686

Yes, I was in trouble, and

Yes, I was in trouble, and yes, the version finally works. When will it be available for download, i.e. in a way that a dummy like me can use it offline? Thank you, Peter

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In the development version

In the development version that you can download, the linux version should work and for windows there should be a run_j2se64.bat doing the job.

If thqt does not work for you, then it has to be 'debugged'.