BT747 on 64 bit windows

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BT747 should be able to run on 64 bit windows when using the new RXTX version.
This has been included in the latest uploads of BT747 in the developement section on the sourceforge site but the correct scripting has yet to be confirmed.

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Vista64 Ultimate SP1

A user reported that BT747 works on Vista64 SP1.
He used 'webstart' : BT747_J2SE_Latest_rxtx2_2p2. This was with the new RXTX code and Version 2.X.1471.

It worked using the USB connection and also using Bluetooth with an iBlue747 (TSI, 2MB-Version).

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A user reported that BT747

A user reported that BT747 works on Vista64 SP1.

Another thumbs-up from me. Toshiba Bluetooth stack.

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I have Windows 7 64bit. It

I have Windows 7 64bit. It will not connect to my iBlue 747A+. When I click on the connect button with the correct com port and baud rate (baud rate also set on device manager) it won't connect at all.

If you need any help debugging just shout :-)

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Hi The serial connection


The serial connection 'driver' (RXTX) comes in different flavours and only 'RXTX2.2pre' will work in 64 bit mode.

The other solution is to install 32 bit java and run BT747 in 32 bit mode.

If you do not get it working, please indicate exactly how you start BT747.