Would you buy a G Log 760 from Transystem on BT747.org? If the feedback is encouraging, I may consider getting some stock.

Yes, for 99.99€ with car charger, cd, usb cable, standard packing.
18% (3 votes)
Yes, for 79,99€ without car charge, cd, usb cable, bulk packing.
24% (4 votes)
Interested, but too expensive (leave a comment)
12% (2 votes)
Not interested.
47% (8 votes)
Total votes: 17


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I am now proposing G-Log 760 loggers (my self-owned company ensures execution of it), unfortunately more expensive than I hoped.

The G-Log 760 is indeed a high end logger which is water-resistant, a bit heavier than the iBlue 747 series of devices (about 20g) with better mechanical resistance and much better buttons.  Initially it was only proposed to professionnals.