Move to completed

The move from the previous domain ( to has now been completed.

The 'webinstall' was the last thing to move and this is now done. I noticed that starting BT747 from the web is now faster than before.

It is possible that I made some mistakes during the move and that some links do not work - please do report such issues so that I can solve them ASAP.


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Info menu

FYI: In the desktop application Info->Visit BT747 Homepage  still points to the website (which of course redirects)



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Hi Androu This was in my

Hi Androu

This was in my pipeline and checked it in the development version where I did not detect the pointer to - so I suppose that it is in 1.68.30.   I do not intend to update it specifically for that - maybe I'll do it in case a bug fix is needed there.

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Yup, 1608 points to .org