Holux GPS Tracker 007 (GR-515) and GPS Tracker 005 (GR-530)

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Holux came out with two tracker devices that also have mobile network capability (GPS/GPRS).

One device is a watch (GPS Tracker 005) and the other is a module (GPS Tracker 007).

Both accept a SIM card and can actively upload the current GPS location to a server or send an SMS to another phone. they can also respond to an incoming call from an authorised phone (up to 4 or any phone) to provide the location.

It is difficult to find locations where this device can be bought - I only found them on eetnordic.com (the watch and the module). Both cost around 175 EUR.

These devices are clearly interesting to find back people that might otherwise get lost due to mental sickness or age, to track valueable items, for fleet management or for competitions to keep track of competitors in a central location.