Mac Travel Recorder

Mac Travel Recorder is another software to manage MTK based GPS devices created by Bert Rozenberg after concluding that none of the programs at that time (including BT747) did run on his Intel Mini Mac (see GpsPasSion#1 and GpsPasSion#2).

He has surely done a better job at marketing his solution and does seem to run easily on Mac. I do not have one, so I can not test it. Mac Travel Recorder has the 'Mac looks' since the beginning, and BT747 only has a Mac interface since Q3 2008.

Mac Travel Recorder costs $49 today (less than $29 in the beginning) and includes geotagging (which it did not in the beginning).

BT747 does not offer geotagging today, but it does run on more platforms than just the Mac. There are free geotagging applications out there - including for the Mac! You are to participate to BT747 in any way (you can use the contact form on this site).