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BT747 takeover on a Pocket PC

Some questions and remarks noted during the first hours of the BT747 takeover on my PDA


Conclusion prior to going forward:

Great piece of software. I can confirm that I fell in love with it!



* Pocket PC

* Brand: Fujitsu Siemens

* Type: Loox 720

* CPU: ARM (PXA272)

* Frequency: 520 MHz

* Resolution: 640 x 480

* OS: Windows Mobile 2003 SE

* Version: Windows .Net 4.21.1088 (build 14132)


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Problems connecting BT-Q1300S with HP Ipaq travel companion via bluetooth


I got a BT-Q1300s and i want to use BT747 to download the log file because the memory is insufficient to log my entire vacation. I have been unable to establish a connection between my BT747 and the Q1300 using bluetooth. I have the following setup:

HP Travel Companion 5700 (PDA) with
- SuperWaba installed
- BT 747 installed (first i tried version 68.22, now i have 68.7 installed)
- PortSplitterSP

I use the bluetooth function to search for the logger, which appears as: Qstarz GPS: SPP slave


Go to the BT747-Sourceforge-page and download the current stable version. Unzip the content. Change to folder "dist", there you find the different distributions of BT747. Use

BT747.pdb und BT747.prc are for Palm PDAs, the appropriate CAB file is for your Windows Mobile PDA. Install them using the software provided by the manufacturer of the PDA (or any other other method that you are used to).


Windows Vista
Linux (Ubuntu 8.04)
Windows XP

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