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iPhone File Transfer

Hi all,

I have a 747A+ GPS Trip recorder that I use to Geotag my photos. On some of my longer trips (weeks) the trip recorder fills up the number of data points and will stop logging. What I normally do is take a laptop with me and download and clear out the device every couple of days, but obviously this involves lugging a laptop with me which is not always convenient.

BT747 on iPhone - Getting Closer

The different iPhones do not have an official Java Virtual Machine (yet), but alternative solutions seem to become quite viable.

The most promising solution for BT747 is 'xmlvm' - a toolchain that translates Java (and some other languages) to an intermediate language 'xmlvm' - an xml description of the program. That description can then be translated to 'Objective C' - the language used for iPhone programming. Important parts of the iPhone library have been given a Java alternative which means the program with the iPhone look on a standard Java Virtual Machine (J2SE).

I've started setting up a project for that (http://www.bt747.org/node/164). More background is in the forums (http://www.bt747.org/node/112).
However, a volunteer is needed to do the real development. So if you feel like it, let me know.

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BT747 iPhone app?

Don't know if this request belongs here, but with the new iPhone 3.0 it seems like it might be possible to access bluetooth GPS loggers. If so, I would love to have an iPhone app to download tracks to and also be able to access realtime GPS data from my iTrek Z1 logger. I have a first gen iPhone without GPS, but also I know that using even the iPhone 3G as a GPS data logger is not ideal, because:
- can't run logging in the background
- hurts battery life

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