holux m-1000c

Holux M-1000C and Holux GPSport 245

Holux decided to break compatibility with the Holux M-241 and they implemented for fairly mysterious reasons a slightly different log format and new commands in their serial protocol, while not supporting some of the Holux M-241 commands.

BT747 has improved support for these devices now (1.68.24+). To properly decode the log files, you need to set the device type to 'Holux GR245' (next to the convert button).

The serial protocol is under implementation by 'Robert'. Due to the extensive changes this protocol will be available in 2.X versions only. In the mean time, most of the commands continue to work. It may be that the reliability of the standard erase command is not very good for the Holux M-1000C, but it still works and may require a power cycle to connect with BT747 again.

For a description in French of the Holux GPSport 245, see xens's page.

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Holux M-1000C problems


I am using the autoupdate development version of bt747 (great software, thanks!) with my recently bought Holux M-1000C AXN_1.0-B_1.3_C01 (01029-00A)

I have the following problems:
(1) When downloading the binary log, Altitude and Speed get misreported. It seems that Altitude is reported as Speed (the values here make sense), not sure what happens to the real Speed (the table shows fractions in the range 1.234E-41 - 1.234E-43),

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