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Shortcut does not start BT747

Hi Guys,

I have successfully downloaded BT747 on my mac.

When I start it with the JNLP-File, the application starts. 

But when I try to use the created shortcut, I get an error message (see attached files). Does anybody know how to fix this?

Thank you so much!

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Problems connecting BT-Q1300S with HP Ipaq travel companion via bluetooth


I got a BT-Q1300s and i want to use BT747 to download the log file because the memory is insufficient to log my entire vacation. I have been unable to establish a connection between my BT747 and the Q1300 using bluetooth. I have the following setup:

HP Travel Companion 5700 (PDA) with
- SuperWaba installed
- BT 747 installed (first i tried version 68.22, now i have 68.7 installed)
- PortSplitterSP

I use the bluetooth function to search for the logger, which appears as: Qstarz GPS: SPP slave

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