Map integration in BT747

BT747 (development version) now integrates a map interface. It can show tracks and waypoints.
This will currently help you to finetune the filtering or simply to get a rough idea of the tracks that you logged.

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GeoTagging Coming to BT747

I've started writing the code to bring geotagging to BT747.

I do not want to use an external program to do this. Other programs used tools like exiftool, but that means extra complication for installing and availability. I am writing the code in Java which means that I hope to be able to port this to the Mobile Phone version for example.

Integrating Tracks in Your Web Using BT747's HTML

Creating HTML files that you can use on your personal site is easy. Doing it the first time might be somewhat mysterious, so this article details the steps on how to do it with BT747 and why.

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Compatible phones

You can post in this thread any success (or not) of installing BT747 on your mobile phone (the BT_J2ME version of course).
Some phones or PDAs have both J2ME capability and Windows Mobile. This means they could install both the BT_J2ME version AND the 'PDA' version. For the latter, I'll make a separate list.

Installing BT_J2ME (the mobile BT747)

Any phone not being too strict on 'security' with a CLDC 1.1 / MIDP 2.0 profile and JSR82 support (bluetooth library) should be able to run the J2ME version of BT747 (if the specification says MIDP2.0, it is probably OK. For a list of known phones, see further below (leave a message in the forum if your phone is not on the list). Here is a first throw at explaining how to get BT747 on your phone!

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