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AGPS data upload is in the process of development in BT747 for 2.X versions.
I do not have such a device, but Dirk Haase has been very helpfull in providing me with transcripts of the beta version results.

You may want to try it and provide some feedback too. I am particularly interested in how the J2ME version works.

These developments can be downloaded in the developement download section on the sourceforge site.

TODO for BT747

I've reviewed the TODO list removing some things that have been done, like improving the load time for the thumbnails and added some others.

I seriously lack time to do all of this, espescially after creating my company.  I do make some improvements here and there, and I continue to fix bugs.


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iblue BT747 and iblue BT747A+ doesn´t log

I´m working with both BT747 and BT747A+ and first I want to tell you, I really like the BT747 software. But I have the following problem, which only seems to appear after using the BT747 Software.

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Crash when connecting - suggestion

I had a report recently about BT747 crashing when trying to make a connection on a Intel Core 2 Duo running "Debian GNU/Linux unstable (sid), package 6b14-1.5~pre1-3".

BT747 1.68.5 was using RxTx 2.1.7 - the currently stable version of RxTx and the crash reported:
# Problematic frame:
# C [] read_byte_array+0x52

BT747 can geotag your JPG pictures

BT747 "Desktop" can geotag your JPG pictures and show your track on a map without needing to open another application.

To GeoTag: drag and drop your files to BT747. Then on the 'Files to Tag' tab, do 'Tag from File' and to write back the information to JPG files, do 'Save Tagged Files'. You can adjust the time offset vs. UTC using the 'Time Zone' setting on the same tab.

The interface for this will be improved over time. The tagging works for me and it is what I use.

You can also drag and drop already tagged pictures and see their positions on the map.

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