BT747 and Google Maps

It looks like the terms for the use of Google Maps changed .
There is however still the requirement to use the Google APIs.

I am still puzzled whether the use of the static map API is allowed, since there is still a restriction. If that is not possible, this means that the other - more OS dependent - method of using a 'browser' must be used.

Anybody who can find a clear anwser to whether or not the use of the static API is allowed, do not hesitate to provide a clear reference in a comment on this post.

BT747 "added" to Gentoo

If you have a Gentoo system, BT747 should be easier to install now.
A visit to indicates that Tupone Alfredo has set up the script for that.
It does install the 'stable version' so for the development version you need to use other methods.

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Problem converting files

I received my new Holux M-241 3 days ago, and was up and running with BT747 fairly quickly. I seem to find a new hitch every time I use it, but then get past it with some trial and error. But now I'm really stuck. Suddenly, this morning, I couldn't convert my log files. I was able to download the log file no problem using the j2se interface, but then got an error message saying the log file might not contain any data, etc.

AGPS Panel

The AGPS Panel (currently in the dev version) allows you to upload AGPS data to the device.

For the MTKII devices, this is called 'EPO' data which means 'Extended Prediction Orbit'. It is a format specific for the MTKII chipset.

As authorisation is currently lacking to integrate server location and login/password to connect to the FTP server is missing, you need to find that information for yourself. Your firewall can tell you what an application tries to connect to for instance.

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Any feedback regarding AGPS ?

Did anybody try the AGPS upload functionality of BT747 (dev versions + J2ME).

Does downloading from the internet in J2ME work for you?

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