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You are more than 33% of German visitors to come to this site!


Since you are so numerous, I want to make a kind suggestion that 'each' of you can make a 'small' contribution. It should not take a lot of effort to share some experience regarding BT747 in one page (in German).
If every visitor would write one page, we would have something like 100 pages each day.

I can give editor rights to those that ask. It is also possible for me to put text that I receive in the right location. Use the contact form or the email in the 'About' of the application to leave a message.

Where can I buy a GPS logger?

I've seen on several forums the question 'Where can I buy XXX', where XXX is a GPS Logger. So I decided to make a list here of physical and internet locations where you can buy loggers. If you already bought one, you can help to complete the list.

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A+ for the iBlue 747 A+

I received an iBlue 747 A+ sample today form Transystem. After unpacking I put it to the test.

I wanted to try the connection to BT747 as fast as possible, so I connected the device to my PC and tried to connect to the usual port. No success. I open the Configuration panel to go to the System control and to check the Hardware drivers. Nothing there either.
When switching on the iBlue747A+, windows detected a new device being connected to the computer. The previous version was detected even without switching the device on, but not so for the new device.

BT747 on iPhone - Getting Closer

The different iPhones do not have an official Java Virtual Machine (yet), but alternative solutions seem to become quite viable.

The most promising solution for BT747 is 'xmlvm' - a toolchain that translates Java (and some other languages) to an intermediate language 'xmlvm' - an xml description of the program. That description can then be translated to 'Objective C' - the language used for iPhone programming. Important parts of the iPhone library have been given a Java alternative which means the program with the iPhone look on a standard Java Virtual Machine (J2SE).

I've started setting up a project for that ( More background is in the forums (
However, a volunteer is needed to do the real development. So if you feel like it, let me know.

Qstarz BT-Q1200 - New 'NMEA' messages.

It looks like Qstarz added new messages to their NMEA protocol to provide the log fields that are not otherwise available in the NMEA protocol.

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