New Maps in BT747

After discovering two new maps, I had to update BT747.

The first one highlight public transportation information primarily in Germany, but apparently also elsewhere: .
The second one is for snow fans (not Apple Snow Leopard fans specifically): .

If you configured the map cache directory (through the file menu) then the access to these maps should gain in speed on your systems.

If you know of other interesting maps, do not hesitate to let me know.

Apple's Snow Leopard and BT747

Apple's MacOS X 10.6 version that goes under the codename "Snow Leopard" is no longer compatible with the official stable driver for the serial link (RXTX).

The more recent "Beta version" of RXTX has to be referenced and that version is RXTX 2.2Pre.

For the moment, the easiest way to get BT747 working on Snow Leopard is to use the webstart version that is labeled as "BT747 Latest using Rxtx 2.2pre".

Move to completed

The move from the previous domain ( to has now been completed.

The 'webinstall' was the last thing to move and this is now done. I noticed that starting BT747 from the web is now faster than before.

It is possible that I made some mistakes during the move and that some links do not work - please do report such issues so that I can solve them ASAP.

BT747 and Google Maps

It looks like the terms for the use of Google Maps changed .
There is however still the requirement to use the Google APIs.

I am still puzzled whether the use of the static map API is allowed, since there is still a restriction. If that is not possible, this means that the other - more OS dependent - method of using a 'browser' must be used.

Anybody who can find a clear anwser to whether or not the use of the static API is allowed, do not hesitate to provide a clear reference in a comment on this post.

BT747 "added" to Gentoo

If you have a Gentoo system, BT747 should be easier to install now.
A visit to indicates that Tupone Alfredo has set up the script for that.
It does install the 'stable version' so for the development version you need to use other methods.

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