Typical Filter Settings - Solving 'No positions' selected by BT747 issues

BT747 1.68.30 Filter SettingsBT747 1.68.30 Filter Settings

Users regurarly ask for help when BT747 does not seem to understand their log file because the track or way point lists remain empty.

A common reason is that the filter settings are too strict.  If the date range is correct, then you should check your filter settings against the example given in the image above.

New Map Caching Method

BT747 now integrates the new map caching method (since 2.X.1616).  When launched from the web, the stable version also uses this method.

That should improve performance a bit versus the previous caching method because the file lookup happens faster, but the reason why it got implemented now was a request for cache file compatibility with Marble.

Using symbolic links it should be possible to share the cache files between the programs.

To set the cache location, use the "Set Map Cache" directory from the file menu.  That directory should exist (or you should create it).

Using a cache directory speeds up the interaction with the map tremendously - BT747 can use the tiles it fetched in the past rather than waiting for the mapping site to return the tiles.  It also allows you to use the map feature offline for places that you visited with BT747 before.

P.S.: Compatibility with Marble is confirmed by 1 user and BT747 is faster than Marble ;-).

DIY Street-View Camera

The proposed solution is not using BT747 but as an IEEE member, and given BT747's nature, I have to share this.  I guess that http://openstreetview.org could become a member of your favorites although I am not sure that the same person is behind it.

The article in the next link gives an overview of how somebody made a DIY camera to make panoramic pictures like those you can see on google street view: http://spectrum.ieee.org/geek-life/hands-on/diy-streetview-camera/0

Sharing where you are or were on the web - Position serving

While still in development, the functionality is useable for early adopters.

In the developmment version of the Desktop GUI implementation and of the Mobile Phone implementation (J2ME), BT747 can now send the current GPS position to a web server on regular intervals.

On the server side, the code is also available and pretty much derived from the myLieu project.  A test environment has been set up at bt747.org.

The current position of the 'test' user can be seen at http://mylieu.bt747.org and the past positions at http://mylieu.bt747.org/viewer.php .

BT-Q1000X quirks

It looks like Qstarz is going a similar way as Holux is: limiting device functionality for user friendlyness. This is not to the likings of some users of course, but to warn those, here is a list of limitations.  If you find any other, or some incorrect statement, leave a comment.

  1. Time logging can not be set to 5Hz.  When setting logging to 0.2 seconds, logging is set to 5 seconds.  (This is what is reported, but I'ld like to see it confirmed by transaction logs).  The Fix Period has to be set to 200ms if this is meant to work anyway.
  2. 5Hz logging can still be achieved by setting the fix period to 200ms and the speed condition to a minimum value like 1 km/h.  The distance condition possibly also works here.
  3. Logging can not really be turned on/off by SW.  The 'nav/log/off' button of the logger is the master of this.  Technically, the device does respond correctly to instructions from the SW (BT747) to turn logging on and off, but the firmware checks/sets that value to the one that corresponds to the button position.  In nav mode, logging is set to off, and in log mode, logging is set to on.

That seems to be it, but as said, you can add comments to this post.

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