BT747 2.0.0 is out!

I have released BT747 2.0.0.

The 1.68.32 was generating enough confusion as it is no longer keeping up with the latest device evolutions and many people were still downloading it.

The 2.X.XXXX versions will continue to exist and correspond to the development builds.

The new directories on Sourceforge are 'Stable' and 'Developement' for the corresponding builds.

iPhone/iPod compatibility getting closer

BT747 finally made a first working run on a jailbroken iPod.  BT747 was used to make a conversion of a '.bin' log file to 'KML' and 'KMZ' using its Command Line Interface (CLI).

Hopefully the author of roqyBluetooth will respond so that the Bluetooth communication can be added.  With that the CLI should be able to get logs from our preferred loggers.

Then a GUI implementation on the iPhone/iPod is amongst the possibilities, but that would be up to an iPod/iPhone owner to do so.

Faster thumbnail creation

Thumbnail creation is finally faster (in most cases).  That's something I wanted to do since a while.

BT747 now tries to use the thumbnail data that is already in the JPG files to create its own thumbnail.  That avoids the requirement to read the entire JPG file to do that.

That's available starting from version 2.X.1763 .

Windows Automatic Port finding feature in new Release

BT747 evolves constantly (2.X.*), but this evolution will impact most windows users in a positive way, and existing users must learn this information or it would remain hidden from them.

In the case where you are using USB to connect your passive tracking device to the computer, BT747 is now capable of finding the corresponding serial port itself.  You will still need to select the right connection speed though.

Bild von Physikator

Great stuff

It is fascinating how someone puts so much effort and time into such a nice piece of software. I'm no programmer myself, but I did work in software testing some time ago, so I will try to help as best as I can.

My picture shows Ping, who likes to show me the way (sitting on a map). Holly (not shown, my Holux M241) later tells me where I actually was. Ping ususally disagrees ...

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