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Wanted: small tracker with display and large memory

I currently use a Holux M241, and the features I like most are

  • AA battery: you can get them anywhere on this world
  • Display showing coordinates or velocity or distance
  • Good cooperation with BT747

However, the memory for 131000 track points (less with newer firmware) is a bit tiny for any holiday of more than a week.

I found the "Locosys GPS Walker" with about 2 GBytes of Memory (and a built-in mp3-player, who needs that?), but that thing has some disadvantages:

C_GPS2KML - Creating advanced KML output

C_GPS2KML is a tool that reads CSV or NMEA files to create advanced and configurable KML output (for Google Earth,...) that can be easily integrated in BT747.

It can show direction of movement, speed history, detailed login information, and can also generate static and interactive graphs of altitude, speed, acceleration, satellite reception quality, etc. All the parameters of the KMZ are configurable (colors, size, alpha, icons...).

BT747 Debian Package in preparation

A debian package for BT747 is now in preparation.

I was contacted to see if I was willing to assist in that , which I agreed.  I made some updates already to make the packaging easier, but there is still some work to do by the packager.

Installing BT747 in Ubuntu 11.04 (Natty Narwhal) - Installing sun-java6

Every new version of an OS is subject to generating secondary effects and the latest Ubuntu version has an impact on BT747.

By default OpenJDK Java 6 is installed for the core java virtual machine and libraries and Icedtea to enable 'Java Web Start'.

Unfortunately that seems to result in some trouble here and there so I recommend to install the 'sun-java6' package instead.  Sun has been acquired by Oracle, but the package still is 'sun-java6'.

Your feedback regarding a port of BT747 to a paying license platform (iPhone/Android)

I've launched a poll to check the interest to have BT747 running on the iPhone and the Android platform with Bluetooth support.

To keep the effort as low as possible on my end, I would port BT747 to a platform called 'TotalCross' which is an evolved java like virtual platform of SuperWaba.  BT747 already runs on SuperWaba, so porting would be 'limited' effort.

However, the use of Totalcross is not free and it depends on how many licenses are procured.

Hence the purpose of the poll is to know two things:

  • How many of you are interested (only participate in the poll if you are concerned);
  • How much you are willing to pay (say 'nothing' if you are interested but will not pay a dime).

I'll organise the distribution of licenses, which will imply the license cost itself, transaction costs and a small fee for my effort.  The amount mentionned in the Poll is the total fee.So please, vote and at most once to get an idea if it is worthwhile to go that way!

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