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Closing the poll.

SirfIII compatiblity
13% (48 votes)
-> At the top of the list: wow.  I am currently looking into another protocol that was already partially implemented.  This will help to implement SirfIII easier and grow the user base.

Use the EXIFTOOL for tagging
10% (37 votes)
-> This should not be too difficult, so will be done in the near future.

Allow modifying tracks on the map
10% (36 votes)
-> More difficult.

Add google maps to the internal interface
10% (35 votes)
-> Not so straightforward either due to licensing constraints.  Still, I got the message.

AGPS capability in J2ME
8% (30 votes)
-> DONE already!!!

Allow editing tracks in the tables
8% (29 votes)
-> I guess that this will be done prior to modification of tracks on the map directly.  The underlying functionality needed for this can be a subset of what is needed for map modification.  Incremental change is easier.

Upload data to OpenStreetMap directly
7% (24 votes)
-> DONE already.

Keep a database of tracks to use in tagging or in finding past tracks.
7% (24 votes)
-> I liked this one, but will be lower on the list.

Configuration/Download for Dummies (limited functionality interface)
6% (20 votes)
-> A bit surprised it is not higher on the list. So I'll just focus on making phototagging a bit easier to do - EXIFTOOL is high on the list so geotagging is a topic that users 'need'.

Add statistics regarding tracks
5% (17 votes)
-> Will not be a priority.  May be added according to opportunity.

Send current position to remote server at regular intervals.
4% (13 votes)
-> DONE.

Other (add a comment to the poll)
4% (15 votes)
-> Different requests in the comments.  Interesting suggestions, some 'partially' done.

Allow configuring track segment colors (in the table, on the map)
3% (11 votes)
-> Very low priority.

Act as a "position" server (phone/PC)
3% (10 votes)
-> No server implementation then.

Send SMS to other phones with current position.
2% (6 votes)
-> Very low priority.

Upload past data to a remote server
1% (2 votes)
-> Even lower priority.

Add a scale to the map
1% (3 votes)
-> Very low priority.

Exchange tracks between phones.
0% (0 votes)
-> Something that does not need to be investigated.


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