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Something like: BT747cmd -a -f MyDestinationBasename --outtype KMZ,GPX,NMEA -p COM4: --splittype TRACK => This downloads from the device on port COM4: to which the application will try to connect. The download goes into MyDestinationBasename.bin and the tracks in files like MyDestinationBasename-timespec.nmea. In this example, three output types will be written: KMZ, GPX and NMEA. You can of course select NMEA only if you do not mention the other two. The splittype indicates that multiple files should be created based on track identification which uses the distance in time between two valid positions. You could adjust that parameter through the --timesplit option that is not mentioned here. You can even tag your pictures on the command line if you want to. BT747cmd -h will give you an idea of the options or you can read here: . You may need to put BT747cmd.bat or In principle you can also use run_j2se.bat in stead of BT747cmd.bat as long as you add options to the execution. That works for me but was never validated by others.


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