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Auto download on connect.

This is something that could be done 'fairly easily' upon 'connect' in BT747. BT747 can be made to autoconnect on opening too (already the case for J2ME).

Of course, this would need to be configureable through say a menu option like 'Autodownload' with options 'None, To CSV, To KML, ....' using the current settings for the paths.

To do it automatically when connecting the logger to the host, there is more work. One needs to find out how BT747 can be launched when the Operating System detects that a device is connected. If that is done then the current functionality already allows to implement what you suggest here. It is simply required to launch the command line interface of BT747 to request connection, download and conversion (to multiple formats too).
You could probably come close to it if you figure out the parameters you need to feed in to BT747cmd and put a link on your desktop that you click once you connected your device.


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