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I see the idea which is good in terms of 'convergence'. Of course a log download could still take 10 to 20 minutes which would be too long. Some means of downloading the log in the background could help.
Further, the log is of course only available in a raw contiguous format and to know what is in it, it has to be downloaded. Supposing that the download is (partially) complete, one could of course show filenames with splitted data according to the rules set out elsewhere.
In the current setup, a derivative could be interesting and not extremely difficult to accomplish: drag and drop one of the buttons (CSV, KML, ...) to a destination directory. I am not sure what the application (BT747) gets to know about the destination (e.g., destination path), but it might also automatically scan the destination path for files, and virtually tag them (i.e., only place them on the map but not change the file content), get some of the parameters from the destionation path (e.g., google map key).


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