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Missing waypoints in conversion to kml and kmlz


I have two tracks from different days. Both have 3 waypoints that show ok on bt747's map. When I convert them separately, by clicking on the "Convert to" button, to kml and kmz formats only one waypoint is saved (I loaded the files in Google Earth to check them). if i convert them to gpx or html all waypoints are saved.

I have a Holux-1200e and I used the Holux gr-245 as the devide for the conversion

Defining Waypoint Types

I am in the process of adding geotagging capability to BT747. This means that in the near future, BT747 will be able to place JPG files on the map and later on put the geoinformation in the JPG files.

I will introduce the notion of 'tag type' or rather convert the notion of 'rcr' or 'Record Reason' into tag type (or tag for simplicity).

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