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java error starting bt747 2.1.3

Starting bt747 I see following exception from java:

RXTX on Suse 12.2


I just upgraded myself from Suse 11.4 to Suse 12.2.

When installing BT747 I obtained an error message that RXTX-Java is missing.

Does anybody know where to find that Java component.

Thanks in advance.

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Crash when connecting - suggestion

I had a report recently about BT747 crashing when trying to make a connection on a Intel Core 2 Duo running "Debian GNU/Linux unstable (sid), package 6b14-1.5~pre1-3".

BT747 1.68.5 was using RxTx 2.1.7 - the currently stable version of RxTx and the crash reported:
# Problematic frame:
# C [librxtxSerial.so+0x6462] read_byte_array+0x52


As on all platforms, the following steps are needed:

  1. Install the serial link driver (for USB, to be done only once on a computer)
  2. Install the application
  3. Get the serial link to work (RxTx driver)

In more detail, it goes like this:

  1. Usually the USB driver comes on a CD with your device. If not, you can probably get them from http://www.silabs.com (CP2102 VCP drivers)
  2. Installing the application as indicated elsewhere

Common issues with the Serial Link Setup

It can be that BT747 does not include the serial drivers for your system. In that case, go to http://rxtx.qbang.org/ToyBox to look if there are binaries for your system. If there are, they couild be included in the BT747 distribution or made available through the web application. Contact the author of BT747 for that: through the contact form on http://www.bt747.org, through a feature request on sourceforge or through e-mail (see the application).

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