[SOLVED] BT-Q1300S (Qstarz Sports Recorder) on ubuntu

Dear All,

I've just bought a Qstarz BT-Q1300S, and I would be the happiest man in world if I could configure it (at least, get data) from my ubuntu. I've seen the Qstarz BT-Q1300 on Ubuntu 8.04 (Hardy Heron) post, but I must acknowledge I'm not good enough in kernel compiling to perform this kind of tuning.

Have some of you already managed to use a Qstarz BT-Q1300S with BT747 on ubuntu ?

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net.sourceforge.jnlp.LaunchException: Fatal: Application Error: Unknown Main-Class. Could not determine the main class for this

Since I've installed icedtea on Debian/Linux (because of the extermination of Sun's java in the main distro) some things work better (more debug info :)) and some doesn't. One which doesn't is bt747 jnlp installers since they simply choke on:

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Holux M-1200E on Debian linux

Tested only with java Web Start. Command line for launcher:
/usr/lib/jvm/java-6-sun- ""

In menus select:
Settings - Device Protocol - "Holux M-1000C / GPSport 245" 

To connect to device via USB data cable (not USB power cable from HOLUX package):
"USB" "115200" 
"/dev/ttyACM0" "115200"

or via blueman (pincode for pairing 0000):
"/dev/rfcomm0" "115200" (port must be not used by gpsd)

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Pas de connection avec Holux GPSport 260 sous Ubuntu Lucid


je viens d'aquerir un GPS Holux 260. Je n'ai que Ubuntu chez moi pour récupérer mes traces.

A ce jour, je n'arive pas à récuperer mes traces, la communication par USB entre le GPS et mon ordi ne semble ne pas fonctionner.

Y'a-t-il une manipulation que je n'ai pas bien effectué?

Y'a-t-il un moyen simple de savoir sur quel port USB le GPS est connecter? (/dev/ttyS0, /dev/ttyS1 ou /dev/ttyUSB0 ?)

Voila ce que me retourne la commande lsusb

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BT747 -- on archlinux 64bit


I'm getting exception when trying to connect IBlue 757 to my Linux box via usb port.

here is the bash -x output:

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