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Commandline options


congratulation for this wonderfull sw!

I'll try it with a QStarz 10Hz and work very well on Windows 7 64bit (32bit version not work!).

This is my question: I need to use command line version, but I cannot define parameters to setup the number of decimal in LAT,LON and field separation char for CSV conversion. I'll try to change .cmd file in order to load setting file:

java %MEM_HEAP_OPTION% -Dbt747_settings="Settings4aaAn.pdb" bt747.j2se_view.BT747Main %*

but the conversion is always like default.

There is a way to specify those 2 params?

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bt747 command line


i would like to use bt747 without any gui - just command line - to use it within a script

how can that be done? i found the "command line options" but not how to call it.

environment: linux ubuntu 10.10 64, bt747-gui is running fine



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