J2ME Application (Mobile Phone)

Location Server Settings

The J2ME application can upload the current position to a server on the web.   For information on the web server set up, see /node/200.  This is a very short note on how to set it up.  The first version this stuff is available in is BT_J2ME 0.3.28

To set up BT747 on your phone for position serving, first find "Position" in the main menu: Position menu in main menuPosition menu in main menu

Selecting that will another screen initially telling you that no updating is done. However, the menu buttons (bottom) will allow you to select 'Menu' to show this the screen on the right.

General will allow you to enable position serving and set the update rate (by default every 300 seconds, which is every 5 minutes). The last item 'Authentication' allows you to enter a user name and password if your server requires it (a '.htaccess' file can restrict access to the files showing where you are). The middle item, 'Server' is a little bit trickier and the configuration is show just below.

BT J2ME Location Configuration MenuBT J2ME Location Configuration Menu
The hostname is the symbolic name or the IP address of the server that you want to talk to. Here it is a virtual hostname 'mylieu.bt747.org'. The port number is important too. This can be about anything, but here it is 80, the default http port. The last line is the actual path to the 'page' on the server accepting the position parameters. Here it is 'setUserPosition.php' as proposed by default in the mylieu project discussed on the page referred to above, but it could be 'private/setUserPosition.php' if you moved that to a subdirectory called private. Once this is set up correctly, and you have a valid data connection on your phone, the applilcation should start sharing the position with the server. In this development version, it will show a '!' (exclamation mark) when it did not succeed in connecting to the server and a '.' (dot) when it did succeed. BT J2ME Location Server ConfigurationBT J2ME Location Server Configuration

Good luck.