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Sony Ericsson elm tracker *.result format and conversion

Hello, I've got a newbie question. My Sony Ericsson elm phone has the sports tracker application included. The tracker doesn't offer a data export function. All I get is the log file #.result.

What is the format of that log file and how can I import/convert it with BT747?

I'm able to get file off the phone and I tried a myriad of options with many applications to the point where I'm totally confused :)

I've attached the file 3.result.gif (remove ".gif") when looking at the file - sorry that I had to trick the upload

thanks for any help!


As of version 1.60.19, BT747 has support for KMZ output in its desktop and command line version.

Why now? What are the benefits?

Basically, a KMZ is a compressed version of KML. Everybody can build a KMZ file from a KML file:
1) 'zip' the KML file into a Zip Archive, and,
2) change the extension from '.zip' into '.kmz'.

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