You need to install the Windows device driver first if that is not done yet. Use the CD that come with the logger-device or visit the web-pages:

Did you already install Java (JRE, Java Runtime Environment)? Most users do, but if not so, go to Sun microsystems (file: JRE 6 update 13 (05/2009)). In the last step, you get BT747 to your comptuer. Go to the webinstall-page and try or install BT747. Or if you like to have all files on your local computer, go to the BT747-Sourceforge-page and download the current stable version. Unzip the content and run the desktop-version by clicking on „run_j2se.bat“ unter XP or "run_j2se64.bat" under the 64bit version of XP/Vista. To connect the device, select the correct COM-port. If you don't know them, go to the Device Manager and look for the COM-port with "CP210x in the description".


747A+ Driver

Take a look on the product page for the 747A+ driver.

Just google

I would just Google it.