Device specific instructions

Some specific configuration is required for specific devices.  These sections are intended to group as much information as possible based on feedback of users.

Holux M-1200e


Model (as reported in BT747) 0000 (iBlue 737/Qstarz810)
Firmware AXN_1.30-B_1.3_C01 (01035-01A)
SW Version Logger SW V1.39

Download Instructions

Default settings seem to work, the transfer speed does not seem to have an effect.

Conversion Instructions

The log format type is special and known by BT747 as 'Holux GR-245'.  To make sure that conversion works in all cases, you have to set the correct device type on the far right of the convert button in the BT747 Desktop Application (or elsewhere in the other GUI's).

If you fail to set the correct device type, conversion may sometimes work because BT747 was able to detect hints of the device format in the device's log.