Your feedback regarding a port of BT747 to a paying license platform (iPhone/Android)

I've launched a poll to check the interest to have BT747 running on the iPhone and the Android platform with Bluetooth support.

To keep the effort as low as possible on my end, I would port BT747 to a platform called 'TotalCross' which is an evolved java like virtual platform of SuperWaba.  BT747 already runs on SuperWaba, so porting would be 'limited' effort.

However, the use of Totalcross is not free and it depends on how many licenses are procured.

Hence the purpose of the poll is to know two things:

  • How many of you are interested (only participate in the poll if you are concerned);
  • How much you are willing to pay (say 'nothing' if you are interested but will not pay a dime).

I'll organise the distribution of licenses, which will imply the license cost itself, transaction costs and a small fee for my effort.  The amount mentionned in the Poll is the total fee.So please, vote and at most once to get an idea if it is worthwhile to go that way!


BT747 for Nexus 7 2013

Is there an Android version available for a Photomate 887 lite?

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Android version

Hi Mario, 
fist of all, I'd like to thank you for such a great app! 
I've noticed there aren't any updates regarding android application. 
Have you decided modify J2ME version? 
I tried it yesterday on my HTC Desire Z with customized rom AndromadusCM10 (Jelly Bean 4.1.2). Application starts ok, but problem with connection with GPS (Qstarz BT-Q1000XT in my case) via Bluetooth fails. I believe that's the spot where everybody with Android device stuck.
As you mentioned somewhere in forum, there might be a possibility to use USB OTG cable to connect GPS with android phone. It wouldn't be so convinient, but it would hopefully work. has anybody try this approach? 
I wasn't able to make USB otg working on my cell phone so far :(

Best Regards Timberwolf

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USB host

I've found thread on xdadevelopers forum about USB host on Andorid platform and the result is that usb host feature is not very well supported by Andorid phones so far. (OS supports this feature from version 2.3.4, but results of users don't look so optimistic). :(
Here is a link to xdadevelopers thread:

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For Android: 5 to 10 €.

For Android: 5 to 10 €.


I would pay up to $10

Android App available

AndroidMTK is a small App for Android that can transfer the logging data to an Android Smartphones and clear the log on the GPS logger:

It does not have any other functions tough.

After that you can send the data to your PC to work with BT747

So if you ask me, there is no need to buy a commercial licence to be able to port. On the run you download the data to your smartphone, back at home we can work with BT747

5€ for an android app

You know this?

I need an app for holiday in two days to save may datas on phone ...

BT747 on Android

Hi Mario, just changing my Mobile from WM6.1 to Android with tears in my eyes, because I have to live without BT747. Please help ! ;-)

5 to 10 € is ok.


I would pay up to $10.   It

I would pay up to $10.


It would be nice if the android/iPhone software could download my GPS data, compress it to a zip file, and mail it back home to me.

Android version would be nice

I would like to see an Android version. On my previous phone I basically used it to make a photo of the satellite time to synchronize the photographs with the track, the download via Bluetooth was too slow to be usable (Nokia N85). So I guess I wouldn't pay anything because I can achieve the same in other ways. But it would be good to have something to change the logger settings, just in case...

Would be nice

I am using BT747 on the Windows PC and I was using it on my Windows Mobile PDA.

Now I am moving to an Android phone and would like to use BT747 there as well.

5 Euro would be o.k., maybe even 10 Euro.

Regards, Georg


I'm interested and will pay up to 5 Euros.

Android is already a Java-like platform.

What problems are there porting it to native Android?
Most parte (probably not the bluetooth-communication and the GUI) should just work.
I would prefer this solution very much, and would even donate up to 10$ for it

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Hi Probably not much, but


Probably not much, but somebody needs to do the porting.

By using the platform, some work is not needed.

Hi Every body, I too looked

Hi Every body, I too looked at the possibility of porting some software to the iPhone platform with a view to downloading data from a GPS device and it can't be done, well not economically anyway. For IOS to connect to a blueTooth device that is not reported as being an audio device it has to certified by Apple and this requires hardware fitted to the device and a per device licence fee. At which point I gave in.

Keep up the good work.

John Bird

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Hi John I agree, but on a

Hi John

I agree, but on a jailbroken device, Roqy Bluetooth could step in: .

Kind regards



Is it possible to offer software on appstore which is only working on devices with rogyBT?

up do 10 € :)

up do 10 € :)

BT747 for Android

I am interested and would pay up to 10 €

BT747 Android

I would be interested if version for Android  would be ported with the most of the funcionality. Like modify the setup of GPS. e.g. change "Log by  ... time, distance", download AGPS etc. In this case I have no problem to pay 5-10€ for this kind of app. 

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bt747 on iphone

it would be nice to have this way to backup the data, but i think to use bt747 on a iphone a jailbreak is needed. and this limit the users. for android it will work much better.