Typical Filter Settings - Solving 'No positions' selected by BT747 issues

BT747 1.68.30 Filter SettingsBT747 1.68.30 Filter Settings

Users regurarly ask for help when BT747 does not seem to understand their log file because the track or way point lists remain empty.

A common reason is that the filter settings are too strict.  If the date range is correct, then you should check your filter settings against the example given in the image above.

In this example, almost all the boxes on the left side are ticked.  The only positions that will be excluded for the track are positions where the GPS did not have a fix.  If you want to check out your log completely, you can tick that box too.

On the right side you can see the typical settings for way points.  The selections are similar to the track point filter, but for way points most people are only interested in the positions for which they pushed a button.  For that, 'Button' is selected.  The 'User' tickbox has to be selected when they recorded some voice (on the Columbux VGPS-900), or when they logged a special position using the mobile versions of BT747.  There is no need to unselect these if you do not have waypoints.

The Common Filter applies to both way points and track points.  If you want to make sure you have all the positions, you untick the common filter box.  When it is ticked, the conditions are no longer grayed out and thus active.  The shown values are the ones that I use to select only positions with a fairly good fix.

So if you do not get any output from BT747, first check this filter.  I intend to add some 'Reset Filter' button in the future to help new users, but that is not done yet.