Buy Transystem GLog 760 Data Logger for Business

You can now order a G-Log 760 GPS data logger including shipping in Europe and VAT included for 89.99€ in 2016 - this is valid for 1 logger from our stock.  Devices are shipped from France, the delay depends on the destination and varies between 2 days and 7 days.   You want to spend less money, the iBlue 747 A+ offer is no longer available.

The G-Log 760 is an industrial type logger which is waterresistant (IPX3) and supports free-fall drops up to 1.5 meters.  It also has enough memory to record 250000 positions.  For more information, seed the manufacturer's page .
The device is slightly bigger than the previous models, but for profesionnal everyday use it is much better, and even for personal use the fact that it is waterresistant and that it does not fall open when it falls is better. 


The pack includes:

  • GLog 760;
  • USB A to USB A cable;
  • CD (with program from manufacturer).

BT747 can be used to recover and convert the tracks and configure the log format, but I'll have to update BT747 to add new configuration commands for proper time, distance and speed configuration.  You can configure the settings of the device with the application from the manufacturer, and use BT747 for the rest.
For professional use, there is the closed source library that allows configuring the G-Log 760 for these settings.

The standard box does not come with a charger.  I can add a wall adapter (1 USB plug) or a car charger (2 USB plugs) for 4,5€ extra.

If you have questions, or want to pay by wire transfer or need different quantities or add a charger, contact me through the contact form.