Move to completed

The move from the previous domain ( to has now been completed.

The 'webinstall' was the last thing to move and this is now done. I noticed that starting BT747 from the web is now faster than before.

It is possible that I made some mistakes during the move and that some links do not work - please do report such issues so that I can solve them ASAP.

BT747 and Google Maps

It looks like the terms for the use of Google Maps changed .
There is however still the requirement to use the Google APIs.

I am still puzzled whether the use of the static map API is allowed, since there is still a restriction. If that is not possible, this means that the other - more OS dependent - method of using a 'browser' must be used.

Anybody who can find a clear anwser to whether or not the use of the static API is allowed, do not hesitate to provide a clear reference in a comment on this post.

BT747 "added" to Gentoo

If you have a Gentoo system, BT747 should be easier to install now.
A visit to indicates that Tupone Alfredo has set up the script for that.
It does install the 'stable version' so for the development version you need to use other methods.

More than 33% German visitors

You are more than 33% of German visitors to come to this site!


Since you are so numerous, I want to make a kind suggestion that 'each' of you can make a 'small' contribution. It should not take a lot of effort to share some experience regarding BT747 in one page (in German).
If every visitor would write one page, we would have something like 100 pages each day.

I can give editor rights to those that ask. It is also possible for me to put text that I receive in the right location. Use the contact form or the email in the 'About' of the application to leave a message.

Where can I buy a GPS logger?

I've seen on several forums the question 'Where can I buy XXX', where XXX is a GPS Logger. So I decided to make a list here of physical and internet locations where you can buy loggers. If you already bought one, you can help to complete the list.

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