Your feedback regarding a port of BT747 to a paying license platform (iPhone/Android)

I've launched a poll to check the interest to have BT747 running on the iPhone and the Android platform with Bluetooth support.

To keep the effort as low as possible on my end, I would port BT747 to a platform called 'TotalCross' which is an evolved java like virtual platform of SuperWaba.  BT747 already runs on SuperWaba, so porting would be 'limited' effort.

However, the use of Totalcross is not free and it depends on how many licenses are procured.

Hence the purpose of the poll is to know two things:

  • How many of you are interested (only participate in the poll if you are concerned);
  • How much you are willing to pay (say 'nothing' if you are interested but will not pay a dime).

I'll organise the distribution of licenses, which will imply the license cost itself, transaction costs and a small fee for my effort.  The amount mentionned in the Poll is the total fee.So please, vote and at most once to get an idea if it is worthwhile to go that way!

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Is your GPRS Tracker safe ?

When you want to know where you've been using GPS, you basically have two options: active tracking and passive tracking.

Passive tracking is what most users of this site are doing: an electronic devices stores the positions internally and these positions are recovered at  a later time.

Active tracking generally implies the transmission of the current position to some kind of server in "real time".  And that is most of the time done using the GSM/GPRS network.

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Tracking dogs - CollierGPS

Collier GPSCollier GPS

When I discovered about 'Kookoo', the tracked cat back in May, I had no idea that I was going to work on a project to track dogs.  And yet, I did.

If you are interested in this amazingly well designed collar, you can find more information in French at and a demonstration of the interface, but here is my story:

BT747 2.0.0 is out!

I have released BT747 2.0.0.

The 1.68.32 was generating enough confusion as it is no longer keeping up with the latest device evolutions and many people were still downloading it.

The 2.X.XXXX versions will continue to exist and correspond to the development builds.

The new directories on Sourceforge are 'Stable' and 'Developement' for the corresponding builds.

iPhone/iPod compatibility getting closer

BT747 finally made a first working run on a jailbroken iPod.  BT747 was used to make a conversion of a '.bin' log file to 'KML' and 'KMZ' using its Command Line Interface (CLI).

Hopefully the author of roqyBluetooth will respond so that the Bluetooth communication can be added.  With that the CLI should be able to get logs from our preferred loggers.

Then a GUI implementation on the iPhone/iPod is amongst the possibilities, but that would be up to an iPod/iPhone owner to do so.

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